Wix 33525



Alco SP1093, SP-1093, Asahi AMC F4552, MF4552, Baldwin BF798, Case IHC CH84160262, KHH10030, Caterpillar 948412, 94-8412, 969625, 96-9625, Coopers Fiaam FSM4116, Crosland 5040, Donaldson P550391, Fleetguard FF5127, FF5367, Fleetrite FFR85127, FFR85367, Fram P7363, P7719, Greyfriars 847S, Hitachi 4326739, 4616544, 4S00100, 4S00483, Hyundai 3194572000, 31945-72000, 3194572001, 31945-72001, Inline Filters FBWBF798, FBW-BF798, FF30674, FFGFF5367, FFG-FF5367, FINFF30674, FIN-FF30674, Kato MEO56670, Kobelco 2451U1802N, 2451U180-2N, 2451U2112, 2451U211-2, VAME056280, VAME056670, Kralinator F396, Luberfiner LFF5127, Micro FT7260, FT7269, Mitsubishi ME056280, ME056670, ME131989, Napa 3525, New Holland 84160262, Nippon Denso 4830010040, 48300-10040, Purolator Facet F65334, Ryco Z194, Sakura FC1005, FC-1005, FC10051, FC-1005-1, SF Schupp SK3796, Sumitomo KSH0457, Sure SFF6280, SFF6739, Vic FC322, Wix 33505, 33525, Woodgate WGF5127

Case IHC 9050; 9060(Mitsubishi 6D22 Engine), CX130(Isuzu Engine), CX210, CX210N(Isuzu 6BG1T Engine), CX230(Isuzu BB-6BG1T Engine), Caterpillar E300(Mitsubishi 6D22T, 6D22TC Engine), E450(Mitsubishi 6D22T, 6D22TC Engine), Hitachi CX800HD; SCX800HD(Mitsubishi 6D24T Engine), EX120-2; EX120-3(Isuzu 4BD1T Engine), EX120-5(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), EX130-5; EX130H-5(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), EX200-5(Isuzu Engine), EX200-5(Isuzu Engine), EX200-5(Isuzu 6BG1 Engine), EX200LC-5(Isuzu 6BG1 Engine), EX210H-5; EX210LCH-5(Isuzu 6BG1 Engine), EX220-5; EX220LC-5(Hino H07C-TD Engine), EX230LC-5; EX230LCH-5(Hino H07C-TD Engine), EX300-2; EX300-3; EX300H-3C(Isuzu 6SD1T Engine), EX300-5; EX300LC-5(Isuzu 6SD1T Engine), EX300LC-5(Isuzu 6SD1T Engine), EX310H-3C(Isuzu 6SD1T Engine), EX330-5; EX330LC-5(Isuzu 6SD1-T Engine), EX350H-5; EX350LCH-5(Isuzu 6SD1-T Engine), EX350K-5; EX350LCK-5(Isuzu 6SD1-T Engine), EX370-5; EX370HD-5(Isuzu 6SD1-T Engine), EX400, EX400-3(Isuzu 6RB1 Engine), EX40-5, EX450-5(Isuzu 6RB1T Engine), EX455(Isuzu 6RB1T Engine), EX455-5(Isuzu 6RB1T Engine), EX455BEH; EX455LCH(Isuzu 6RB1T Engine), EX456(Isuzu 6WG1 Engine), EX456(Isuzu 6WG1 Engine), EX95(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), LX190-7(Mitsubishi 6D24T Engine), LX230-7(Mitsubishi 6D24T Engine), SCX700C-3(Isuzu 4HK1 Engine), Zaxis 180W; ZX180W(Isuzu 4BG1X Engine), Zaxis 350H; 350LC; 350LCH; 350LCN; ZX350H; ZX350LCH(Isuzu 6HK1 Engine), Zaxis 350K; 350LCK; ZX350K; ZX350LCK(Isuzu 6HK1 Engine), Zaxis 370; 370MTH; ZX370; ZX370MTH(Isuzu AA-6HK1X Engine), Zaxis 460LCH(Isuzu 6WG1T Engine), Zaxis 480MT; Zaxis 480MTH(Isuzu 6WG1T Engine), Zaxis 80; ZX80(Isuzu CC-4JG1 Engine), ZX110(Isuzu BB-4BG1T Engine), ZX110-E(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX110M(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX120(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX120-E(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX125US; ZX125US-E(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX130(Isuzu CC-4BG1TC Engine), ZX130, ZX130H(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX130K(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX130K(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX130LCN, ZX130W(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX135US; ZX135US-E(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX135USK(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX160; ZX160LC(Isuzu AA-4BG1TC Engine), ZX180LC; ZX180LCN(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), ZX200; ZX200LC; ZX200LC-E(Isuzu 6BG1 Engine), ZX210; ZX210H; ZX210K; ZX210LC; ZX210LCH; ZX210LCK(Isuzu 6BG1T Engine), ZX210W(Isuzu 6BG1T Engine), ZX225-E; ZX225LC-E; ZX225US; ZX225USLC; ZX225USR; ZX225USR-E; ZX225USRK; ZX225USRLC; ZX225USRLC-E; ZX225USRLCK(Isuzu 6BG1 Engine), ZX230; ZX230LC; ZX240H; ZX240K; ZX240LCH; ZX240LCK(Isuzu 6BG1T Engine), ZX250LC; ZX250LCN(Isuzu CC-6BG1T Engine), ZX270; ZX270LC(Isuzu 6BG1 Engine), ZX280LC; ZX280LCN(Isuzu 6BG1t Engine), ZX330; ZX330LC(Isuzu 6HK1 Engine), ZX350 Zaxis, ZX400(Isuzu 6WG1 Engine), ZX450; ZX450H; ZX450LC; ZX450LCH; ZX450MTH; ZX450T(Isuzu 6WG1T Engine), ZX500LC; ZX500LCH(Isuzu 6WG1T Engine), ZX600; ZX650(Isuzu 6WG1X Engine), ZX70; ZX70LC(Isuzu 4JG1 Engine), ZX80LCK; ZX80SBLC(Isuzu AA-4JG1 Engine), IHI IC70-2, Kato HD2500SE(Mitsubishi 8DC91CT Engine), NK250E; NK350E; NK500E(Mitsubishi 6D22 Engine), Kobelco 7090; 7100(Mitsubishi 6D24TE1 Engine), 7200(Mitsubishi 6D24TE1 Engine), BM600; BM700(Mitsubishi 6D24TE1 Engine), SK200 Mk V(Mitsubishi 6D31T Engine), SK200 Mk V Super(Mitsubishi 6D34T Engine), SK210-6; SK210-6E; SK210LC-6; SK210LC-6E, SK210-6E; SK210LC-6E, SK210Mk VI; SK210 Mk VI Super(Mitsubishi 6D34T Engine), SK220 Mk V Super; SK220LC Mk V Super(Mitsubishi 6D15T, 6D16T Engine), SK220 Mk V; SK220LC Mk V(Mitsubishi 6D15T Engine), SK250 Mk VI(Mitsubishi 6D34T Engine), SK250 Mk VI Super(Mitsubishi 6D34T Engine), SK250-6E; SK250LC-6E, SK300 Mk III; SK300LC Mk III(Mitsubishi 6D22T Engine), SK310 Mk III; SK310LC Mk III(Mitsubishi 6D22T Engine), SK330 Mk VI(Mitsubishi 6D16T Engine), SK330-6; SK330-6E(Mitsubishi 6D16CT Engine), SK400 Mk III; SK400LC Mk III(Mitsubishi 6D22T Engine), SK430 Mk III; SK430LC Mk III(Mitsubishi 6D22T Engine), SK450-6; SK450LC-6(Mitsubishi 6D24T Engine), SK600(Mitsubishi 6D22C Engine), Linkbelt 130LX(Isuzu BB-4BG1T Engine), 160LX(Isuzu 4BG1T Engine), 210LX(Isuzu BB-6BG1T Engine), 240LX(Isuzu BB-6BG1T Engine), 290LX(Isuzu CC-6BG1TC Engine), LS208H II(Mitsubishi 6D24T Engine), LS308H II(Mitsubishi 6D24T Engine), Mitsubishi FK617GS(6D16 Engine), FK617HS(6D16 Engine), FL330, FLK617KS(6D16 Engine), FN627, FP(Mitsubishi 6D22-1AT2 Engine), FR, FS(Mitsubishi 6D22-1AT2 Engine), FV(Mitsubishi 6D22-1ATO Engine), Sumitomo SH240-3(Isuzu 6BG1T Engine)

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