Vickers Neox 8000 20ltrs



NEOX 8000 is a  mineral based lubricant providing an excellent level of lubrication in both neat and emulsion forms. It will absorb any sea or fresh water which may enter the sterntube to form a viscous emulsion which remains stable and therefore reduces the risk of free water being present in the sterntube. Conventional oils do not emulsify in the same way and tend to separate, exposing components to free water and potential wear damage.

NEOX 8000 is a high viscosity emulsifiable sterntube lubricant.

The use of NEOX 8000 will often minimise the rate of any oil leakage past a damaged or worn aft compression seal and can also be used with some older face seals. It is not recommended for use with elastomer lip stern seals.

NEOX 8000 is primarily recommended for compression or older face seals with non-circulatory oil feed systems.

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