Valvoline VPS HD Diesel System Complete 500ml



VPS HD Diesel System Complete reduces downtime for maintenance by keeping the engine clean, reducing wear, and helping the engine run smoother and more efficiently.

VPS HD Diesel System Complete cleans and restores the complete fuel system of the heavyduty diesel engine, restoring the engine back to its original power and performance, without the need for a higher cetane number fuel.

The product emulsifies the condensation water present in the fuel tank and protects against rust and corrosion, while the flow improver guarantees a smooth start-up at cold temperatures.

The chemical composition of the product stabilizes the fuel and prevents fuel aging and bacterial contamination.

Easy to use:
Add VPS HD Diesel System Complete to the fuel tank before refilling. The content of the bottle is enough for 1000 liters of fuel. For special problems, like blocked injectors, black smoke, poor starting etc. you may use a higher concentration, i.e. one bottle on 300 liters of fuel. For preventive maintenance, use one bottle per tank at every service interval.

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