Valvoline Super Outboard 4T

Size: 1ltr


Valvoline Super Outboard 4T is a premium multi-grade engine oil specially formulated to provide year-round protection for 4-cycle outboard engines. The selected base stocks and additives provide an excellent strong oil film for ultimate protection and lubrication under a wide range of temperatures. The viscosity grade helps for quick cold starting. The product is formulated to meet the requirements of all leading outboard engine manufacturers.

Additional product benefits of Super Outboard 4T include:


  • Premium engine oil for smooth lubrication and quick cold start of the engine
  • Good wear protection resists high speed revving
  • Basic oils and additives protect the engine against rust and corrosion and extend the lifespan of the different engine parts
  • The product resists long term use and high engine temperatures when performing professional work on the water
  • With a pour point of -39ºC Super Outboard 4T has no problems with fishing trips in the wintertime

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