Exol Opticool HDX Blue/Green Antifreeze

Size: 20ltr


Opticool Antifreeze HDX (Blue/Green) is a monoethylene glycol based engine coolant and antifreeze concentrate formulated for optimum performance in heavy duty diesel engine applications but equally suitable for light duty use. It employs established inhibitor technology and is nitrite, amine and phosphate (NAP) free.

BTC Classification Type 3E. The inhibitors in Opticool Antifreeze HDX (Blue/Green) include organic acids in combination with borate and silicate to provide excellent corrosion protection in all applications.

Opticool Antifreeze HDX (Blue/Green) uses a superior silicate stabilisation technology to eliminate the potential for formation of silicate gel often observed with inferior products whilst other additives ensure good compatibility with hard water and prevent the formation of scale that can result from use of hard water.

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