Cat 1R0716




Earthmoving Compactor
836G 825C 826H 825H 836 815F 836H 816F


Wheel-Type Loader
988G 990 II 993K 966G II 980G II 988H 980G 990 980F 980F II 972G II 980H 990H

85E MT765 MTC865 85C 75C MTC755 75E 65E 75D MT735 MTC735 65D MT745 MT755 MT865 MTC835 MTC845 MTC745 65C 85D MT835 MTC765 MT855 MT845 MTC855 75 95E

Engine - Truck
3406E 3406C 3306B C-12 3406B C9 C-10 3306C C-15 3176 C18 3306 C-9 C-18 C-16 C16 3176B C15

Petroleum Products
TH31-E61 C18 C15 CX35-P800 TH31-C9T

Engine - Generator Set
C15 3406B G3406 3412C 3412 3406C 3408B C32 3408C 3456 3306 3406E 3306B 3408 3304 3304B C-12

Off-Highway Truck
769C 768C 772B 769D 773B 772 773D 775B 773E 69D 771C 770

Engine - Machine
C-9 3176C C-12 3304

Track-Type Loader

Engine - Industrial
3306 3406B 3412 3408 C-12 3304 C-9 G3408C D333C 3176C CPT372 C9 G3408B D330C 3408B G3408 G3406 C-10 3406C 3456 3406E 3306B 3408C 3406 3196 G3306 C32 3408E 3512 SBF214 HT400 3176B C18 3304B SUF557 SR4

Articulated Dump Truck
730 740 D40D 735 D400D 735 OEM 725

Road Reclaimer
RM-500 RR-250B RR-250 SS-250 SS-250B RM-250C

Cold Planer
PM-200 PR-450C PM-465 PM-201 PR-750B PR-1000C PR-1000 PR-450

Forest Products

Motor Grader
160H 14H 140H 12H 16H 143H 163H

Wheeled Excavator
W345B II

Wheel Dozer
834B 824H 834S 824C 834H 834G 834U 844H 844 814F

Underground Articulated Truck
AE40 II AD40 AD45 AE40

572R II 578 PL83 587T 587R PL87 583T 589 583R

345B II 365C L 345B L 345B II MH 350-A L 385B 5090B 345B 245D 385C 365B II 350 L 365B 385C L 365C 385C FS 245B 5230 350-A 365B L

Marine Products
3408B C-12 C18 3406C 3412 3304B C32 3412E 3412C 3176C 3406E 3516 3306B 3306 3406B 3304 3176B 3196 C30 C12 3412D 3408C

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
621E 631E 657E 637G 621B 651E 627G 623B 637E 621 627B 621F 623E 651B

Track-Type Tractor
D7R II D8N 8U D8R 9 9S 10 8 D6R II 9U D9R 8S 8A 58L D8L D8T D11R D9N 10SU D9L D10N 59N 9C 59 8SU 10U D11T D9T 57H D8R II 58 D10R 9SU 59L D10T

Load, Haul, Dump
R1600G R1700G R1700 II R2900 R1600 R2900G

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